tiistai 27. maaliskuuta 2012

Pete's App of the Month

Welcome to my first App of the Month review!

Puppet Pals is an app for making fast and simple videos or animations.

It's a great tool when you want convey a simple process or act out a scene of some kind. There are many built-in actors and backgrounds but it's so easy to add your own that I don't think the available ones are of much use.

It has a handicraft charm similar to Little Big Planet which aids in creating a casual feel to the videos you make. You can record continuously with each movement recorded or record frame by frame for an animated feel.

You are limited to 8 actors and 5 backgrounds for each video but if you make multiple scenes you can use iMovie to combine them into one seamless movie.

You can record a single audio file as you create your scene, using the device microphone but I recommend using iMovie for audio as it offers much more flexibility.

Overall, this app feels very well made and allows great diversity while keeping the interface simple. However, with a few tweaks, it could become a contender for the best video creation app.

Here is video I made using Puppet Pals HD on the iPad and then used iMovie to combine scenes and apply the audio.

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